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Lone Star District Lodge
87 Interstate 10 N, Suite 102
Beaumont, Texas 77707

Phone:     409-813-1431

Fax:         409-813-1483


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     Fax:     409-813-1483

Lone Star District Lodge

Lone Star District Lodge

The Lone Star District Lodge located in Beaumont, Texas was created on July 1, 2002 and is the largest one-state district in the Brotherhood. Its affiliated Local Lodges are 74, 132, 587, and 592.

  • Clay Herford - Business Manager/Executive Secretary/Treasurer
  • Herman Sullivan - President
  • Mark Thompson - Vice President
  • Jason McNutt -  Chairman of Trustees/Recording Secretary
  • Jessie Esparza - Trustee
  • James Brewer - Trustee

The Lone Star District Lodge is primarily an administrative, servicing, and coordinating body. Its principle functions are to provide mutual protection and shall be empowered to engage or assist in organizing efforts, and in the collective bargaining process, settling grievances, and establishing training programs.

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